Top 5 best hidden features of Android Smartphones

Android is the most notable OS across all PDA clients and every 8 out of 10 phones sold are running on Android. With such innumerable features integrated into Android OS and a few extra things introduced by the OEMs, these cells have such incalculable components and a huge piece of these are open straightforwardly from the settings menu for the basic section.

Top 5 best hidden features of Android Smartphones

Nonetheless, there are two or three extra features that are either not notable or are only inferred for state-of-the-art clients and are covered someplace inside the setting menu. Thusly, you will by and large miss the most remarkable components of these devices.

Anyway, just enjoy the moment, resulting examining this article you will get to know such 5 mystery components for your android phone, which you might have never heard of, and they will enter you

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Secret features of Android phone

1. Including Split Screen for Multi-Tasking 

Including Split Screen for Multi-Tasking

The fundamental element of Android is having the option to have two applications running on the screen simultaneously. It's useful when you are taking a get-together on google meet and perusing messages, or when you are exploring an accounting sheet and sending the related data in Messages or face-calling a buddy and investigating the electronic diversion by the side. Regardless, it's not absolutely clear how to get applications in split-screen mode.

Additionally, to engage the split-screen mode on phones running Android 9 Pie or fresher, you ought to:

1. Open the application that you wish to use in split-screen mode.

2. Enter the new applications screen by crushing the new button if you are using 3-shuts various or just swipe up from the home bar if your phone is running on Android 10 and you have engages signals course.

3. From this new applications screen select the application that you wish to run on the second screen of the separated screen view. You truly need to press and hold tight the three-spot kebab menu on the right-hand side of the application to pick "split screen"

4. Now open another discretionary application from this new menu or from the home screen and this application will be open in a split-screen view

2. Use the app locker to secure applications

Use app locker to secure applications

We overall have some spot managed the issue of being mentioned from our phone by people we would prefer not to show our own data to. Well in such cases it's safeguarded to lock such people out and hold them back from opening your applications, for instance, WhatsApp, Gmail, or your photo show, which contain a part of your classified substance that you want to quiet about it. To keep such information stowed away from people's eyes, we will tell you a piece of the features open on your mobile phone for that.

Screen Pinning is one such decision, which can help you with keeping your applications locked until and aside from assuming you enter the code (which just you know) to open it. To engage the screen stay on your phone and stick to the going with signs of progress.

Use app locker to secure applications

Go to Settings> Security> turn on Screen Pinning.

Resulting in turning it on, opening the application, and your friend/appreciated one mentioned.

Open the continuous applications screen with the square button underneath the phone screen. You'll see an image that is by all accounts a pin in the lower right corner.

Tap an image that is by all accounts a pin in the lower right corner, and it'll stay adhered to the front.

Well, that is all anyone can use until you enter the mystery word.

Additionally, the Play Store is stacked with applications that can be used to lock specific applications. You can assess the going with applications: App stockpiling, Lock App, Ultra AppLock to lock your applications with a mystery key or biometric affirmation

3. Get into your phone faster with Smart Lock

Get into your phone faster with Smart Lock

Keeping your mobile phone secure is huge. Regardless, if you're the one holding it,

there's not an extremely clear explanation on why you need to open your contraption each and every time you drag it from your pocket and open it. Right when you get the phone on various events daily to look for something and keep your phone got, you want to do a load of openings be it with your face, your finger impression, or the code you tap or swipe onto your screen.

Get into your phone faster with Smart Lock

Fortunately, the Smart Lock value is integrated into Android OS for extremely a couple of years. This convenience when turned On keeps the device opened under unambiguous trusted conditions to allow the opening of the screen with close to no check. There's Trusted Face, Trusted Location, Trusted Devices, and on-body ID. At unquestionably the base, all contraptions ought to have Trusted Devices and Trusted regions.

Along these lines, for instance, you can have your mobile phone set to swipe open at home. Regardless, if you go for a walk down the square, it will begin referencing PIN, or secret key lock. The indistinguishable goes for Trusted Devices — if you're connected with a Bluetooth or NFC contraption. In case you have actually set it as "trusted" (like your vehicle or Android Wear watch), you'll see no strong lock screen.

With Trusted Face, the mobile phone will change each opportunity to swipe open mode if it spots you with the front camera. On-body region is genuinely odd, this choice keeps your phone opened while you're holding or conveying it to the extent that you've recently opened

4. Recover unexpectedly cleared notification

Recover unexpectedly cleared notification

Have you anytime faced a situation where you tap the button to clear your advance notice plate, just to see a prepared you expected to scrutinize almost all out of time? Without a doubt, we understand you have, and it's truly perplexing. Sees are a major piece of the phone and even keep people trapped in the contraption. Luckily, there is a way you can see each prepared and cautioning you have gotten in the past several days. This is the method for getting it going.

Recover unexpectedly cleared notification
Image credit: Next pit

1. Long push on any empty spot on your screen.

2. Select Widgets from the menu.

3. Find the Settings simple course device.

4. In the Settings simple course menu peer down and tap Notification log.

5. By and by a Notification log simple course will appear on your home screen.

Tap on this simple course to see all your missed admonitions

Whenever you miss mindfulness, tap the gadget, and you'll see a quick overview of your cautions overall.

If your PDA doesn't have a Notification Log, check the "Cautioning History Log" application from Google Play Store.

5. Moving records through Wi-Fi Direct

Moving record through Wi-Fi direct
Image credit : techradar. Com

Do you stand up to organize issues while moving the records to your device? It gets pretty disturbing while simultaneously moving the records over an android contraption while using Bluetooth to move reports which generally forgets to spread out an affiliation and while moving documents it's very drowsy. In light of everything, we got you covered; Wi-Fi direct is another development that can help you with moving records somewhat in a way like Bluetooth.

Wi-fi direct trade records at blasting fast speeds, which plainly are a ton speedier than Bluetooth. Like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi Direct has something basically the same "find, match and send" convenience. Nevertheless, Wi-Fi direct isn't exactly so particularly expansive as Bluetooth as of now. Two or three gadgets may not be Wi-Fi direct suitable. The most remarkable part of Wi-fi direct is that it requires no pariah applications to spread out an affiliation.

To move records through Wi-fi direct you truly need to turn ON the Wi-Fi direct decisions from settings. To truly do so go into Settings - > Connections - > Wi-Fi then, tap on the Wi-Fi Direct tab at the top. Besides, when the affiliation is spread out you can share any records by tapping on the proposition button and picking Wi-fi direct starting there


In this piece, we presented 5 mystery components of an Android phone that you most likely will not have used beforehand. Go ahead and offer them a chance on your android device and make your contribution to your contraption totally critical.

Note that, a part of these components most likely won't work exactly the same in every android device, considering the way that every contraption depends on the different custom skin over Android.

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