Iphone 14 vs iphone 13 pro max: which is best for you?

Before the launch of apple's next iPhone means iPhone 14. Here's a short and best comparison of iPhone 14 Vs iPhone 13 pro and what is your favorite pick, comment Down.

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Key features of the story

  • We did this comparison to help you to analyze Both iPhones ( iPhone 14 vs iPhone 13 pro)
  • We all know iPhone 13 Pro is the best smartphone at this time
  • After this article, you probably know which iPhone is best for You
  • The launch date of iPhone 14 is 7 September 2022. And iPhone 13 pro was launched on 14 September 2021. So, let's start the comparison between iPhone 14 vs iPhone 13 Pro.
The price of the iPhone 14 maybe 99,990 on its launch. On the other side, iPhone 13 pro has a Price of 1 lakh and 5 thousand. Let's compare the features of Both iphone's.

Apple iPhone 14 vs Apple iPhone 13 Pro: Design and Build Quality

We all know, Apple iPhone 14 Design is too similar to Apple iPhone 13 pro. However, there will be a mighty change in the Phone design but this suspense is over after the launch of the Apple iPhone 14. Apple claims that the phone has a redesigned camera cut which maybe feels fresh for iPhone users.
If we look at the other side, the Apple iPhone 13 Pro has a slightly smaller notch compared with other iPhones. But, the Camera bump on the Apple iPhone 13 pro is relatively large. And the main thing is that the phone has a matte finish which feels so premium.
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Apple iPhone 14 vs Apple iPhone 13 Pro: Performance and Storage

In social media, some news channel claims that iPhone 14 has an A16 bionic chipset but I think it is reserved for Pro variants. on the other side, iPhone 13 pro has A15 bionic chipset. The process is really well related to other apple iPhone chipsets. So. That's why the chipset justifies the Apple iPhone's price tag.
If we look at their storage capacity, Apple claims that Apple iPhone 14 has a storage capacity of up to 2TB. Meanwhile, Apple iPhone 13 Pro is available in four different variants of 128GB, 256GB, 512GB, and 1TB, and all are paired with RAM of 6GB.


The camera quality of the Apple iPhone 14 may be upgraded. The leaked news claims that apple fits a lens of 48MP. If the news is true then it's a massive change in the apple iPhone 14 as compared to the Current 12MP iPhone.
On the front side, the Apple iPhone 14 might not have many advancements. On the other hand, the apple iPhone 13 Pro has a single 12MP camera.

Comparison between Battery

The Apple iPhone 14 Might remove the lightning Cable. A lot of leaks online say that Apple introduced a USB-C connection in the Apple 14. But we all know that it is not real news.
The Apple iPhone 13 Pro has a 3,095mAh Battery with superfast 20-watt charging support. The smartphone takes approximately 30 minutes to do a 50% charge. Moreover, the phone supports wireless charging.
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Final thoughts 

So, guys, this is the full short comparison of the Apple iPhone 14 vs the Apple iPhone 13 Pro. So, I think you understand which device is best for you.

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