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Friends if you want to edit your Instagram videos professionally but are confused about where to begin? So, here we have the best five greatest, and most used video editing apps in this article.

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Reels are top-rated on Instagram right now, and it's not possible to find an account that does not watch reels yet. The 5 best reels editing apps on the other side, are necessary if you are a regular Instagram user and create reels for your followers. 

The Top 5 Instagram Reels Editor Apps You Must Use

The Instagram reels, which are copy-paste ideas of a so-called company named TikTok, boomed worldwide after the ban of TikTok in India. 

What makes Instagram reels so popular?

1. People use popular and trending music and skillful editing to go viral, they cover all the niches including travel, food blogging, science, business motivation, and many more topics.

2. Instagram developed many small and big tools for users to manage their businesses. Businessman upload reels to promote their services and products, to being an international brands.

3. Scrolling social media is now a habit of all Instagram users. Instagram users spend 20% of their time watching reels according to meta.

4. The biggest reason behind the growth of the reel is the time interval. Yes, people want all things in minimum time and Instagram does this. In other words, the new generation wants to stay on top of trends even more rapidly.

5. That's because the Instagram reels may be instantly shared on social media without any type of cost but shooting them is really a tough job.

With a lot of mentioned rewards, knowing some of the leading Instagram video editing applications will help you improve your social media page.

The top 5 Instagram reel editing apps that you need to be aware of:

1. Inshot:

The Top 5 Instagram Reels Editor Apps You Must Use

There are a lot of several tools available in Inshot, one of the top-used Instagram video editing apps great features are given below:

Inshot has been a favorite of every reel creator due to its user-friendly tools and interface. In this app, you can edit your video in any aspect ratio. This makes changing the video format in a single click.

  1. After-effects
  2. Filters
  3. Transitions \splits
  4. Pre-cuts
  5. Varying the pace
  6. adding animations, among other things.
In this amazing app, you can edit several videos at once and create a masterpiece. Users can add the latest songs from a list of added playlists and local device tunes are one of Inshot's greatest features.

2. Kinemaster:

The Top 5 Instagram Reels Editor Apps You Must Use

Kinemaster is one of the oldest, most convenient, and most adaptable apps for reels and video editing. Kinemaster is available for all operating systems, including Android and iPhone. Kinemaster has its all editing collection, including many effects, transitions, animation tools, and many more. Videos from Kinemaster will be directly shared to social media platforms after exporting or you can also save them in your galleries.

Kinemaster is the app that gives a great look to your video. Kinemaster can render high-resolution video without any lag. You can add many effects in Kinemaster free of cost. Kinemaster is a simple and easy and simple tool to learn. You can change the opacity, saturation, and contrast of your boring video in Kinemaster. You can edit your reels in seconds by using Kinemaster.

3. Filmora:

The Top 5 Instagram Reels Editor Apps You Must Use

You can download the Filmora application for desktop and Android. Filmora has a great collection of tools that create your video like a pro editor. Some great features hosted by the filmora apps are given below- 
  • Effects
  • Animation
  • Templates
  • Stickers
  • Texts
  • Voiceovers
  • Music
  • Audio Equalizer
  • Picture-in-Picture effects
Guys, you can use all the tools and effects free of cost but you need to buy premium for the watermark. The paid version gives your video a more pro look and your video becomes viral rapidly.
In short words, this is one of the best applications for reel editing for beginners.

4. Splice

The Top 5 Instagram Reels Editor Apps You Must Use

is one of the best short video editing tools available in the play store for android users. The reason behind promoting this application is that it provides a good-looking interface and one of the best editing features. I use this application to edit my video and am fully happy with the results. Splice is the best app for reel editing.

The app Splice is not only an amazing editing tool, but it also inhales a fresh start to the video aesthetic. Splice work on Artificial Intelligence (AI) that provide free speech-to-text features in his latest version. this app saves a lot of editing time which other applications consume. Splice becomes one of the best Instagram reel editing apps.

5. Canva

The Top 5 Instagram Reels Editor Apps You Must Use

Canva is one of the favorite applications of content creators. Most people use this application for their projects and you can use can the web version. Sometimes it becomes tough on desktops for mobile users, so I recommend they use an application. People buy Canva's paid version without water projects. bro, if you want to buy a paid program then please buy canva because the thing you do in this you cannot do in other apps. The best thing about Canva is that it has a huge collection of templates.

You only need to import your video, trim it, use special effects, text, and export. One of the greatest features of Canva is that you can schedule your post for different social media platforms.

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